Sea kayaking Dubrovnik/Elafiti

This tour is designed for those who love being active in the nature. Daily routes are rather short - 2 to 3 hours of easy paddling  - and not demanding, fit for all ages between 14 and late sixties (no previous kayaking experience is necessary). Dubrovnik and Elafiti shorelines are rich in history and natural variety - cliffs, caves, coves, rocks, beaches...

Lopud, Kolocep and Sipan belong to Elafiti Islands Archipelago - green islands covered by pine forests, without car traffic, with lots of sunshine and sandy beaches, less than an hour sailing time from Dubrovnik. Each has no more than a couple of hundreds permanent residents who live in stone houses of traditional character.

Tall palm trees, parks, gardens and flowers everywhere contribute to easy going life style. Occasionally groups of kayaks are escorted by friendly dolphins or tunas that are often seen in the area.

The holiday is perfect for families with children but also couples and solo travelers looking to get away from the crowds and enjoy fun activities.


Day 1:

Dubrovnik, rich history, activities, Croatia, Lopud Island, Elafiti, Island Archipelago Arrival

Our representative will meet you at Dubrovnik airport, harbour or bus station, and give you the details of your transfer to Lopud island. The transfer is organized either by a local ferry that runs four times a day or by speedboat.

Upon your arrival to Lopud and settling into your accommodation, there will be time for a walk before meeting with your guide and the group over dinner and discussing the upcoming activities.

Please note: Arrivals are recommended by 3 pm. Transfers for arrivals by 6 pm are included, but you may miss group dinner and orientation. Arrivals after 6 pm max be subject to surcharge for transfers or overnight on land.

Accommodation: Lopud; Meals: Dinner


Day 2:

Sea kayaking, Sipan island, hiking, cycling, exploring, Luka Sipanska, villages of Sudjuradj, Croatia

Sea kayaking to Sipan island, hiking or cycling

Safety and sea kayaking instructions will take place in the Lopud Bay this morning.  After that, we will kayak to the nearby island of Sipan. On Sipan you will find the colorful villages of Sudjuradj and Luka Sipanska. The fields between them have preserved chapels, monasteries, palaces and summer houses of ancient Dubrovnik aristocracy, and the real country lifestyle.

This island is rich in cultural heritage, tales from the past and many well preserved monuments that witnessed its turbulent history. We will explore them by walking or cycling and there will be plenty of time to enjoy Luka’s beaches and restaurants. We will kayak to Lopud by late afternoon.

Accommodation: Lopud; Meals: Breakfast; Sea Kayaking: 2h 30 min (11 km)

Please note: hiking or cycling will take place depending on group abilities, weather and temperature.


Day 3:

Sea Kayaking, Lopud-Sunj, hiking, Lopud village, beach, Dubrovnik, Croatia Day 3 Kayaking Lopud-Sunj, hiking back to Lopud village

We will kayak around the island to the sandy beach of Sunj Bay on Lopud’s Southern side. This is the most popular beach of Dubrovnik so we visit it on Monday when it’s not too busy.

We will explore the island s coastline as we slowly paddle to this most popular beaches in this area. After lunch on the beach, feel free to chill out at one of the beach bars. You can also go for a swim or just enjoy the afternoon.

There are three walking paths leading to Lopud: the quickest one  (20-30 min) on foot and two more scenic paths will take you along the cliffs or up the hill to the island s fort.

 Accommodation: Lopud

Meals: Breakfast

Sea Kayaking: 1h 30 min (6km)

Walking: 20-60 min

Day 4:

Sea Kayaking, Sunj beach, Sunj, Kolocep, caves, cliffs, reefs, diving, exploring, Croatia Kayaking Sunj-Kolocep-Sunj

This morning after breakfast we walk back to Sunj beach and prepare to kayak around the best sea kayaking island in Croatia – Kolocep,  with its most dramatic scenery full of hidden dark caves, high cliffs and colorful reefs. Diving mask, snorkel and fins will be provided for you to explore the rich and colorful underwater world of the Adriatic.

Have a pleasant siesta in the quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Gornje Celo turquoise bay near Skerac – kayakers’ favorite restaurant. Late in the afternoon we shall return to Lopud s Sunj beach.

 Accommodation: Lopud

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Sea kayaking: 4 h (17 km); Walking: 30 min

Day 5:

Dubrovnik, holiday, swimming, sea kayaking, Croatia, beach Leisure day, Optional Trip;  Beach day

For those who chose a 5-day trip, this is the end of your holiday. For the rest of the group - beach day. You are free to do whatever you enjoy the most. Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, walking, sea kayaking. Or take the ferry to Dubrovnik, the most beautiful of all Croatian and Mediterranean towns, for sightseeing, shopping in ancient streets, walking along city walls…

Accommodation: Lopud

Meals: Breakfast



Day 6:

Kayaking, sunset kayaking, Sunj, Lopud, activities, Sveti Andrija Island, Croatia

Sunset Kayaking Sunj-Lopud

Enjoy a later start today as we hike back to Sunj Beach and spend the early afternoon having lunch doing beach activities. We return to our kayaks once more in the late afternoon and kayak into the sunset. Depending on the weather and group abilities you can try to learn to stand - up paddling in the Lopud Bay. Return to Lopud early in the evening.

Accommodation: Lopud

Meals: Breakfast

Sea kayaking: 1 h 30 min (6 km)



Day 7:

Kayaking, Lopud, Trsteno, Arboretum park, Croatia, islands Kayaking Lopud-Trsteno-Lopud

The last sea kayaking trip destination is usually Trsteno village and Arboretum – a wonderful park with a collection of exotic plants and trees, Neptune’s fountain and great views of the islands. Return to Lopud in the late afternoon for a farewell dinner.

Accommodation: Lopud

Meals: Breakfast, dinner


Day 8: Departure

Dubrovnik, rocks, beaches, cliffs, caves, dolphins, Croatia Transfer to Dubrovnik bus station, harbor or airport.

Meals: Breakfast






Maximum number of participants:

16 per group. Larger groups on request.

NOTE: if the departure has less than 4 persons signed up and the clients still want to do the trip rather than cancel we charge 20% extra

Minimum age:

8 years if accompanied by parent

Children discount :

valid for children of 12 years of age if accompanied by an adult. One child enjoying discount shares parent s room; two or more children can have their own room.

Single use rooms: available upon request with a 20 % surcharge.


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