Diving Excursions in Biograd, Croatia - for licensed divers

The diving season in Croatia is from May through November. In our area, the mid Adriatic, visibility is more than 40m, with minimal tides of 0,5m. The wave height runs from 0,5m to 1,5m, with mostly weak currents. Discover our underwater treasures on your diving holiday in Dalmatia - wrecks, caves, reefs, corals and different kind of fish, gorgonias or sponges.

If you are a licensed diver, we offer you underwater excursions in more than 20 diving spots of exquisite beauty, including  Kornati, an archipelago worldwide known and acknowledged as a wonder of nature. Each daytrip is done by a ship, and contains two dives, on different locations.

We also can organize an accommodation and transfers from Zadar or Split international airports.

All diving equipment is available for rent!

Diving Sites

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Get more action for less money

Book diving packages!!!

- one day trip with 2
dives is from 60 EUR

10 dives (5 days) from 255,00 EUR
20 dives (10 days) from 465,00 EUR


Scuba Holiday Special

For a starting price of just 340 EUR per person you may get a 7 days stay in Biograd na moru plus 10 dives including tanks, their filling and weights. All trips are by boat, each day on a new diving site. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This program is designed for those who are unsure about taking a full course and would like a taster session beforehand, 90,00 EUR per person, with boat trip, full equipment and 2 dives included.


Min. air & water temperatures in Biograd

month min. AIR
min. WATER
min Water
    surface on 15 m on 30 m
April 19 C° 15 C° 14 C° 13.5° C
May 22 C° 17 C° 15 C° 14.0° C
June 28 C° 20 C° 16 C° 15.5° C
July 34 C° 22 C° 18 C° 17,5° C
August 34 C° 23 C° 19 C° 18.0° C
September 25 C° 21 C° 20 C° 19.0° C
October 22 C° 20 C° 19 C° 19.0° C