Skipper course

887.00 EUR - 917.00 EUR per person

Sailing, Skipper Course, skipper, boat, captain, commander, CroatiaBeing responsible for the ship and the crew - swiftly, persistently and safely! Many crew members dream of becoming a skipper, the person responsible for the crew and boat, while sailing with experienced sailors. They ask themselves whether they could take on the role of boat captain, or they even think they could do a better job than their captain. However, being aware of, and accepting, the unwritten rule of never complaining while at sea, because the ultimate authority is that of the skipper, captain, commander, they can’t find a situation where they could test their instincts, their hidden dreams, their abilities and skills.
We offer the conditions where they can test their abilities, so that they are not condemned to “kitchen-duty” or deck-duty for all those who feel they have enough experience to start training for the role of skipper, responsible for crew and boat, so that they can make a final decision regarding their dilemma – can they take over the role of skipper of a sailboat?

Take this skipper course in Croatia!

Prerequisite: Successful completion of one of the advanced sailing courses

Use your knowledge and skills gained upon the successful completion of a sailboats skipper course to become responsible for a sailboat and inadequately experienced crewMain elements of the course:

  • Practicing standard maneuvers in daytime, nighttime, and extraordinary conditions for attaining teamwork, accuracy and speed of all crew members
  • Anchoring and setting sail in extraordinary weather conditions at day and night Sailing, Skipper Course, sailboats, skipper, course, Croatia
  • Accuracy and speed in planning and following a navigation plan with the use of terrestrial and satellite navigation in daytime and nighttime sailing conditions
  • Anchoring and setting sail using only sails.
  • Handling extraordinary conditions due to unexpected malfunctions or breakage of boat equipment
  • Safety equipment, methods of use and safety procedures
  • Reaching the level of skills for independently handling a sailboat

Special attention is devoted to the safety of the ship and crew, and getting to know and learn about the safety equipment.

The price includes:
Program execution, script, accommodation on board, fuel, VAT.

Additional costs: Meals for the student (and the instructor in cruise programs), other marinas fees, accommodation on the land, tourist tax, (1.-€ per person per day), arrival and departure costs, parking fee.

NOTE: for larger groups, upon request, alternative dates for all courses are possible.





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