Advanced Sailing - basics of cruising

664.00 EUR - 797.00 EUR per person

Basic knowledge on navigation and organizing a cruise - use the winds and the stars.

Sailing, Advanced Crusing Course, navigation, cruise, sailing school, Croatia

Object of the course: adapting to the sailing area through imroving existing sailing skills and acquiring new ones

Age: all adults (from 16 to 18 years of age only with written parental permission)

Min. experience: 5 days sailing, 100 nM in your logbook

Prerequisites: completed basic sailing course or sailing experience and knowledge of the basic sailing course (we reserve the right assessment upon arrival at the course)

Acquired knowledge: fundamental skills of managing the boat and crew and readiness for taking an exam for licence "Boat skipper B category"

Accommodation: on board

Sailing area: waters of island Murter, Kornati islands

Duration of the course: 6 days 

Sailing schedule: first two days you will be returning to the base marina, the other four days you will be cruising around nearby islands.

Advanced cruising course, navigation, course, cruising, sailing, croatiaProgram basics of cruising:

  • Safety at sea and onboard
  • Preparation of the boat for sailing
  • Navigation, geographical attitude and longitude, measurement units in navigation, orientation at sea, sea charts
  • Navigation at night
  • Sailing in the course
  • Spinnaker
  • Meteorology (wind, air pressure, cyclones and anticyclones, weather report)
  • Man over board
  • Approaching the shore using engine
  • Maritime radio telephony service
  • Table of VHF services of Croatian shore radio stations

               - general connecting procedure
               - special procedure
               - distress signal and message
               - urgency signal and message
               - safety signal and message
               - usage of the international spelling alphabet
               - system of digital selective calling
               - general notions of engine

Equipment: rain jacket, rain trousers (winter time), sailing gloves (like the one for bike – no „fingers“), double shoes (sailing shoes or sneakers), T-shirts, shirts with long sleeves, short and long pants, sun protecting cream, cap, towels for the sea and personal hygiene), swimsuit.

Arrival: Saturday at 18.00
Start of the cruise: Sunday morning
End of the cruise: Friday evening

The price includes: Program execution, script, accommodation on board, fuel, VAT.

Additional costs: Meals for the student (and the instructor in cruise programs), other marinas fees, accommodation on the land, tourist tax, (1.-€ per person per day), arrival and departure costs, parking fee.

NOTE: for larger groups, upon request, alternative dates for all courses are possible.

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