505.00 EUR - 691.00 EUR per person.

“The basics of sailing“ course is designed for anyone who've always, whether because of other people's tales, or simply by watching “the lucky ones“, felt that the wind, the sails and the sea can provide unique satisfaction, a satisfaction that cannot be described by words, but needs to be experienced in person.

559.00 EUR - 731.00 EUR per person

Sailing techniques. Play with the wind, the sails and the waves!

664.00 EUR - 797.00 EUR per person

Basic knowledge on navigation and organizing a cruise - use the winds and the stars.

887.00 EUR - 917.00 EUR per person

The RYA is the UK s national association for all forms of recreational and competitive boating, representing sailing, motor cruising, sports boats, windsurfing, inland boating, powerboat racing and personal watercraft. It coordinates competition and/or development for all of the above at local, national and international level and is recognized by government as the negotiating body for these groups.