3 Days Cycling, Sailing & Hiking Biograd

Enjoy the unspoiled beauty and unforgettable sea views, great historical and archaeological ruins to train the mind, the body and all senses.

1st day - 'Love canal' Relax and enjoy the boat ride through 'the lovest' channel in the world!!!

 Galesnjak, Island, sailing, swimming, boat ride, Love canal, Croatia

boat ride, Love canal, sailing, swimming, sailing boat, Croatia

- till 09:00 arrival to marina Kornati, check-in

- 09:30 sail out - Love canal (from Isle of St. Cathrine to Galesnjak Island)

- 12:45 ancoring on Pasman Island, swimming on the sand beach

- 13:00 lunch in typical Dalmatian restaurant 'konoba' in Pasman (optional, not included in the price)

- 17:30 continuation of sailing toward Galesnjak

- 18:30 sailing toward Biograd

From ancient time isles of Sv. Katarina, Planac and Cavatul were named isles of love, tears and adulteresses, and Galesnjak Island known for its specific heart shape gave the name to Love canal. Coastlines of islands in the canal reflect the scents of medicinal and aromatic plants, and undersea preserves all types of shells and fishes of Croatian Adriatic.




2nd day - Nature park 'Vrana Lake' Enjoy homemade food in traditional stone house with a view over the archipelago.

Cycling, bike tour, Nature park, Vrana Lake, Kamenjak hilltop, Croatia

Cycling, bike tour, Nature Park, Vrana lake, Kamenjak hilltop, Croatia

- 09:00 departure to Nature park (organized transport)

- 09:45 starts bike tour round Vrana lake

- 12:00 arrival on Kamenjak hilltop, lunch on the viewpoint (optional, not included in the price)

- 16:00 the bike tour continues towards Vrana

 *** visit to Turkish han bulit in 17th century

 *** visit to church of St. Sunday

- 18:30 departure to Biograd

In 1999 Vrana lake was declared a nature park as the largest natural lake in Croatia and the untouched natural habitat of water birds due to the specific characteristics and biodiversity. Above the middle of Lake Vrana, on Kamenjak hilltop there is viewpoint providing a divine view on the entire lake, Kornati archipelago, Murter sea, Pakostane and Drage on one side, and on the other side on Ravni Kotari and Bukovica.



3rd day - Hiking on Pasman

 hiking, croatia, Island, pasman, croatia

   - 09:00 departure to Tkon

   - 10:00 anchoring in Tkon (discussing route, technique and safety)

   - 10:20 hiking from Tkon to bay Vitane and to ancient fort Pustograd, 108m   (viewpoint)

    *** panorama quiz

   - 13:30 lunch on boat (bring your own) - break for the swimming

   - app. 18:00 sailing round island of Gnalic to Biograd

   - 19:00 arrival to Biograd


Pustograd is military fort from 6th century, used to served for the oversight and safeguarding of Pasman and Zadar channel from pirate attacks. Deep blue sea beneath the island of Gnalic hides 40 meters long sunken ship from the 16th century, its treasure is kept in Museum in Biograd.




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