Croatia, a mountainous and coastal Mediterranean country, is rich in various species of birds, many of which are rare and endangered in Europe. According to the Croatian Institute of Ornithology, Croatia notes 387 species of birds, of which 178 endangered on the national, 69 endangered on European and 21 endangered on the global level.

For the birders, the highly interesting locations would be in the coastal area, whit many different Mediterranean species. As Croatia straddles over the central and partially over the west European migration corridor, intense migrations, especially those of raptors, take place in most of the coastal regions in spring and in autumn. The Adriatic coast is also an important wintering area for many of species.

The protected areas of the coast are of special interest, Nature Park Velebit, Nature Park Vransko Lake, National Park Paklenica, ornithological reserve Velo and Kolansko blato on the island of Pag, and the territory of the river Zrmanja, therefore we have chosen exactly these areas for this particular guided tour program presented here.

Tours tailored to your exact needs and wants, regarding the length of a tour, number of participants and/or alternative Croatian birding destinations, are available by request.

Savor the rare opportunity of spotting most of the rare Mediterranean species on a small area, in the attractive and wild surroundings of the Adriatic coast, with Val Tours, Biograd na moru, birdwatching during 7 days in Croatian National and Nature Parks.


Day 1. Saturday - arrival at the Hotel

Saturday - arrival at the hotel and meeting with your guide.

Day 2. Sunday - River Zrmanja

Birdwatcing, river zrmanja, canyons, cliffs, nature, birds Sunday - picturesque canyons and cliffs of the Zrmanja River - species: Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus ), Crag Martin ( Ptyonoprogne rupestris ), Rock Nuthatch ( Sitta neumayer ), Raven ( Corvus corax ), Sombre Tit ( Parus lugubris ), Subalpine Warbler ( Sylvia cantillans ), Orphean Warbler ( Sylvia hortensis ), Black-eared Wheatear ( Oenanthe hispanica melanoleuca ), Spanish Sparrow ( Passer hispaniolensis ), Blue Rock Thrush ( Monticola solitarius ), Black-headed Bunting ( Emberiza melanocephala ).

Day 3. Monday - National Park Paklenica

Birdwatching, birds, rocky habitats, exposed cliffs, National Park Paklenica Monday - rocky habitats and exposed cliffs of the National Park Paklenica - species: Rock Partridge ( Alectoris graeca ), Hopoe ( Upupa epops ), Sardinian Warbler (Sylvia melanocephala ), Short-toed Eagle ( Circaetus gallicus ), Red-rumped Swallow ( Hirundo daurica ), Alpine Swift ( Apus melba ), Crag Martin ( Ptyonoprogne rupestris ), Blue Rock Thrush ( Monticola solitarius ), Sombre Tit ( Parus lugubris ), Rock Nuthatch ( Sitta neumayer ), Cirl Bunting ( Emberiza cirlus ), Rock Bunting ( Emberiza cia )

Day 4. Tuesday - Island of Pag, reservations Velo, Kolansko Blato

Birdwatching, ornithological reservations Velo, Kolansko Blato, Island of Pag, Croatia Tuesday - ornithological reservations Velo and Kolansko Blato of the Island of Pag - species: Pygmy Cormorant ( Phalacrocorax pygmaeus ), Stone Curlew ( Burhinus oedicnemus ), Black winged Stilt ( Himantopus himantopus ), Gadwall ( Anas strepera ), Squacco Heron ( Ardeola ralloides ), Glossy Ibis ( Plegadis falcinellus ), Montagu's Harrier ( Circus pygargus ), Marsh Harrier ( Circus aeruginosus ), Hen Harrier ( Circus cyaneus ), Short-toed Lark ( Calandrella brachydactyla ), Tawny Pipit ( Anthus campestris ), Curlew ( Numenius arquata )

Day 5. Wednesday - area Ljubac, Ravni Kotar

Ravni Kotari Wednesday - Ljubac, Ravni Kotari - a lowland area between the Velebit mountain range and the Adriatic sea - species: Bee-eater (Merops apiaster ), Fan-tailed Warbler ( Cisticola juncidis ), Ruff ( Philomachus pugnax ), Kentish Plover ( Charadrius alexandrinus ), Grey Plover ( Pluvialis squatarola ), Curlew Sandpieper ( Calidris ferruginea ), Yellow-legged Gull ( Larus cachinnans michahellis ).

Day 6. Thursday - National Park Krka

Birdwatching, Krka River, National Park, waterfall, Croatia Day 6 - Thursday - lentic and lotic waters, dry and mesophilic grasslands, shoreline plants, pastures, arable and abandoned fields of the National Park Krka , with the following species: Rock Partridge ( Alectoris graeca ), Spotted Crake ( Porzana porzana ), Little Crake ( Porzana parva ), Calandra Lark ( Melanocorypha calandra ), Short-toed Lark ( Calandrela brachydactyl a), Lesser Grey Shrike ( Lanius minor ), Pygmy Cormorant ( Phalacrocorax pygmaeus ), Little Bittern ( Ixobrychus minutus ), Bittern ( Botaurus stellaris ), Short-toed Eagle ( Circaetus gallicus ), Marsh Harrier ( Circus aeruginosus ), Hen Harrier ( Circus cyaneus ), Bonelli's Eagle ( Hieraaetus fasciatus ), Golden Eagle ( Pluvialis apricaria ), Lesser Kestrel ( Falco naumanni ), Merlin ( Falco columbarius ), Peregrine Falcon ( Falco peregrinus ), Stone Curlew ( Burhinus oedicnemus ) (localized in the surroundings of the village Pokrovnik), Nightjar ( Caprimulgus europaeus ), Eagle Owl ( Bubo bubo ), Kingfisher ( Alcedo atthis ), Middle Spotted Woodpecker ( Dendrocopos medius ), Woodlark ( Lullula arborea ), Tawny Pipit ( Anthus campestris ), Moustached Warbler ( Acrocephalus melanopogon ), Olive-tree Warbler ( Hippolais olivetorum ), Red-backed Shrike ( Lanius collurio ), Ortolan ( Emberiza hortulana ).

Day 7. Friday - National Park Vrana Lake

Vranskojezero Friday - swampy habitat with flooded meadows and reeds of the Vrana Lake Nature Park . Lake Vrana is the largest natural lake in Croatia and an internationally important wetland for migrating and breeding birds. The lake lies by the Adriatic Sea and is possibly the most important coastal passage stop-over in the country, in both spring and autumn. Breeding species here include Pygmy Cormorant, Purple Heron and Black-winged Stilt. Other species: Little Egret ( Egretta garzetta ), Bittern ( Botaurus stellaris ), Little Bittern ( Ixobrychus minutus ), Little Crake ( Porzana parva ), Ferruginous Duck ( Aythya nyroca ), Montagu's Harrier ( Circus pygargus ), Marsh Harrier ( Circus aeruginosus ), Cetti's Warbler ( Cettia cetti ), Bearded Tit ( Panurus biarmicus), Zitting Cisticola ( Cisticola juncidis ), Moustached Warbler ( Acrocephalus melanopogon ), Spanish Sparrow ( Passer hispaniolensis ), Black-headed Bunting ( Emberiza melanocephala ).

Day 8. Saturday - departure

Saturday - departure.

Departure to the sites every day around 7:00 AM, return to the hotel around 6:00 PM. All participant should bring their own gear and equipment. All locations in our program are easily accessible from your accommodation, within about 60 miles.

Maximum number of participants: 8 - larger groups on request.
Minimum number of participants: 4 per group.

Price per person: 890,00 EUR

The price includes:

  • 7 nights in double rooms in a three-star hotel (single room surcharge 10%)

  • 3 meals per day (breakfast and dinner in the hotel, take-out lunch)

  • arrival/departure transfer from/to Split or Zadar airport, ferry-port, or bus station.

  • local taxes

  • transfer to the locations

  • entrance tickets in all nature and national parks

  • professional ornithologist guide

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